Free Sex Podcast Box and Podcast Survey

We are so thankful that we get to talk on the podcast about sex in a way that encourages freedom and excitement. It's been wonderful hearing all the responses we have gotten via email, We could really use your help with possibly taking a new step!

We, like many of you, have a difficult time finding "items" at a local "love" shop or an online store without being overwhelmed by the options and bombarded with super provocative images. We want to start a box subscription and online store where we could partner with companies to bring you the very best products in a safe environment.

Is that something you would be interested in? Or should we stick to the podcast?

Let us know below.

Name *
It is difficult to find appropriate products in stores and online.
Going to local sex shops is not an option.
Getting products discreetly shipped to my home would be a helpful service.
Having a safe place to explore products online would be helpful.
A monthly subscription that helped me find new products would be helpful.
A quarterly subscription would be more helpful.