When they don't want it

"Men think more with the head in their pants than the one on top of their bodies," is basically the sexist remark I stated on a show a few weeks back when I said, "Even if a man is angry at his wife its not like he's going to deny her sex!" as if his sexual desires override anything else he might be feeling. To all the men, I'm sorry. 

Generally men are put into the "horny box" and women are put in the "excuses box" when it comes to sex. Our society has painted the picture of a sexually eager husband desperate to "get dirty" and a prudish wife doing her best to "stay clean." However, research shows that this picture is incorrect. The stats show that both women and men, alike, struggle equally with low libido. This week we have a "libido showdown" with Mr. Big and Daddy Magic (our husbands.) We discuss sexual appetites, why they might be low, and ideas on how to combat it. 

Stress and exhaustion - When I'm overstressed or tired, I have a hard time "getting in the mood." The number one way I combat this is sleep. It's easier said than done, especially when you throw kids in the mix, but making the adjustments to get more rest in your life is worth it.

Bitterness - Sex is intimate. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually, it is the absolute closest you can be to another person. If you are bitter or angry with your spouse, chances are you don't even want to be in the same room together let alone "become one" with them. Bitterness has the potential to devastate a sex life. It's roots are deep and long and it can be so easily planted. This is a huge reason why communication is key. 

Boredom - Getting stuck in a sexual rut is another reason people's desires dwindle. There are many ways to add a little extra spice or flavor in the bedroom. Play with new positions, new locations or even different times of the day to switch things up and keep sex exciting!

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