What kind of birth control should Christians use?

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The birth control debate between churches and denominations shouldn't stand in the way of women being able to receive the information they are looking for. Whether you land on the side of "no birth control" or "hormonal birth control", there are a couple key points that can help you get started on finding the right method for you.

Birth control vs. conception control

If you believe that life happens at "conception," meaning the moment when the sperm meets the egg -- you'll want to stick with barrier methods and possibly progesterone only birth control, so if the sperm happens to meet the egg, the union has a chance to grow into a fetus.

Some possible barrier methods include:

  • condoms
  • diaphragms
  • female condom

I don't want to put hormones in my body

There are many women who are not at ease with taking hormonal birth control. Our recommendation is to read a lot of information and talk to your doctor. Don't feel forced to take hormonal birth control if you don't feel good about it. 

Look into these options if you don't want to put hormones in your body:

  • copper IUD
  • condoms
  • pull out method
  • natural family planning
  • permanent surgical methods (tubal ligation)

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