Touch me here! Erogenous Zones

God created our bodies to become aroused. Thank you, Jesus!

There are many parts of the human body, when given attention to, will stir up a sexual appetite --  the erogenous zones. Our fun erogenous zones are broken down into three levels depending on the sensitivity.

Erogenous Zones: Level 3

The skin. Sounds general, and it is, but the skin that covers our bodies is the most expansive erogenous zone we have.  Erotic massage is a good way to explore this zone with your spouse. Start by lightly caressing the entire body, moving from one place to another. Feel the freedom to switch up your "tools" too (i.e.: feather, hands, a stick. . . just kidding.) Excitement will build as you start with your hands, and move to using your mouth. You can breath, nibble and lick your spouse as you discover what they like the best.

Erogenous Zones: Level 2

These are usually the parts of the body stimulated during foreplay, including:

  • the backs of the knees
  • the inner thighs
  • the abdomen and navel
  • the small of the back
  • the neck
  • the hands and feet (fingers, toes, palms, bottoms of feet) 
  • face (eyelids, temples, mouth and tongue, edges of the nose)
  • ears (top, cavity, earlobe) 
  • buttocks
  • scalp 

The list is long, so pick one or two to try at a time and take turns exploring each other's body. It may lead to sex, it may not. . . yeah right, it totally will.

Erogenous Zones: Level 1 

Nipples and genitals. The real good stuff!  Take a listen to this episode of Free Sex as we go into detail about these. We chat about the penis, scrotum, perineum, nipples, labia, clitoris and the vagina -- as well as what you can do to these zones to turn your spouse on. Boom!