3 Tips For Valentine's Day

Hey, Valentine's day is coming up and it’s kind of a big deal. “It’s just a day” some say.  “It’s just a day created by 'the man' to support the consumerism giant. My spouse knows I love them.”

If this is your view, just don’t. While I understand the thought of it being “only another day” and that your love should be “celebrated every day” it just isn’t a reality. We can fiercely love our spouses every single day but because of the busy-ness of life, expressing it can be put on the back burner. It might feel obvious to you, but if you aren’t actively pursuing your spouse in their love language, they might be vulnerable to feeling unloved. So sweep them off their feet this year and remind them that they are your “numero uno.” You don’t have to have a ton of money but rather a little time. Here are a few ideas on how to romance your spouse this V-day.

1. Get to know their language!

If you don’t already know, have your spouse take (and you should too!) the love language test here - 5languages.com - its important you communicate to your spouse in their love language because that is how they hear you say “I love you.” If quality time is most important to your spouse and you’re going broke buying them gifts, chances are they won’t feel loved despite your amazing efforts. Take the test. The 5 minutes is worth it.

2. No kiddo care?

Date night at home! After the kids go to bed have a night of romance all set up! Grab some tea lights and rose petals and make it a complete evening. Make a fun dinner together (don’t forget the dessert) and while one of you clears the table, the other prepare a romantic bath with candles and flower petals. Then just see where the evening leads you two. ;) Ladies, this is a fantastic time for the pretty lingerie!

3. No money? No problem!

Creative gifts and dates are my favorite. Personally, that’s how it is when we don’t have extra income to splurge on celebrating. Making cards is not juvenile and neither are homemade gifts. Take a walk with a thermos of hot cocoa or whatever you fancy and drink it at a favorite park while you exchange fun, thrifty, homemade valentines. These are the ones you never forget.

ALSO, REMEMBER! Have fun together! Take the opportunity to seduce each other on the day of love (I mean, obviously) but whatever that looks like don’t forget to just enjoy being with one another.

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