Should I have sex on my period?

There are some pros and cons to having sex during your period. This article talks about the concerns and thoughts, as well as tips to make it enjoyable. | Free Sex Podcast | 

People are so weirded out by menstruation; period. (See what I did there?)

The reality is that half of the world’s population has (or has had) a monthly visit from “Aunt Flo” (bleeding roughly 3 months out of the year!) and it boggles my mind that openly discussing it is still considered taboo. In the church and out, all over the world, talking about a woman’s “shark week” is considered embarrassing or inappropriate conversation. Again, half the population! Can’t we talk about it??

This week we do. We have an open and un-weird conversation about periods. More specifically, sex during your period and why you shouldn’t skip it just because of the mess. If this feels like new territory, you aren’t alone and if you need a few pointers before you give it a try, allow us to suggest a few. These are a few concerns regarding period sex and what to do about them.

It’s messy!

Yeah it is but it isn’t gross. Messy doesn’t mean “unclean” or “dirty.” Period blood is neither of those things, it’s just messy. And if you have access to running water and soap...problem solved! Use a towel to lay on to protect your sheets and ladies, be on the bottom laying on your back. Gravity will help lessen your flow.

He wants to but I’m self conscious.

It’s usually us ladies who say no to period sex. Sure, some guys aren’t super excited about it but often it’s a no go due to women feeling self conscious.  Wives, if your husband desires sex during your period give it a shot! You might end up loving it due to heightened sensitivity in your pelvic area and the natural lube being on your menstrual cycle produces.

I feel like crap...and I’m grumpy. I’d rather not.

I’m sorry to steal your thunder but sex can help all of this. Because of feel good chemicals released during sex and orgasms, a good roll in the sheets can be a huge mood lifter! Also orgasms have been known to shorten periods and alleviate cramps but you’ll have to listen to this week’s podcast to find out more!

Pushing period sex is not our agenda. We do want to talk about it openly though and discuss some good pointers for those who are wanting to try but are feeling a little nervous about it. Plus if you want mess free action (or as close to it as possible) during this week we cover that too!