3 reasons to try sex toys in your bedroom

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Sex toys can be a controversial topic in the church. Some argue that toys are a distraction from intimacy and should never be used, while others believe them to enhance intimacy. Both points are valid. Though they can spice up a bedroom, we don't want to encourage anyone to choose a toy over sex with their spouse. Try using it together, instead. Here are some reasons you guys might want to give sex toys a try!

Her: I have a hard time reaching orgasm.
Him: I climax too quickly.

It's a sweet adventure to learn to bring your wife to an orgasm, but sometimes, we need a little extra help so that she's not "almost" reaching orgasm a lot of times, with the disappointment of no climax. Just like guys, women can get blue balls, too, ya know. . . Try a vibrating cock ring together. This will constrict blood flow to his penis, allowing him to be harder and last longer. And the vibe will be wonderful for her. Remember to keep the vibrator in contact with her clitoris. 

Her: I heard it feels amazing.
Him: I want to please my wife.

I'll just say it as it is. Vaginal penetration + clitoral stimulation = yummy. If you haven't tried it before, trust us, this is something that you will want to try! Some toys you can use for double stimulation is, again, the cock ring, a separate bullet held against the clitoris during doggy-style, or you use your mouth to stimulate her clitoris while you penetrate her with a dildo, a bullet, or your own fingers. You're welcome.

Her: Sex toys sounds like something only sex crazed people use?
Him: I want to have FUN in the bedroom!

Oh, my friend! Just because sex toys are used by people that don't carry similar convictions to you, doesn't mean that you can't use it and enjoy it with your spouse. There are plenty of non-invasive smaller and simpler toys you can use that will only enhance your time with your husband. There are also more powerful bigger toys that may help you learn how to orgasm if this is difficult for you. Use them with your spouse! Have fun! Pick one out together and anticipate the mail man delivering it to your front step! Sign up for the Date Nite Box, we do all the hard work for you and put items in there that we know you'll enjoy. 

Listen to this week's episode where we discuss a few of our favorite toys and how to use them together!

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