Sex Hacks

Sex doesn’t always come easy. Kids can get in the way of “business time.” Your favorite lube might be completely out, your period might be putting a damper on things, or maybe you find yourself in a season where you are just “not in the mood.”

But what if we can make it easier for ourselves? What if we had a pocket full of tricks that we could use to make any sexy time scenario work? Well, lady and gents, we filled up that pocket this week when we talked sex hacks! We want to hack our way to better sex in 2016 and here is a preview of our conversation!

How to hack some lube. We’ve all been there and we usually don’t know that we need it until it’s time to use it. The hack to this is easier and closer than you might think.

How to hack a door lock. I know what you’re thinking, because I’ve thought it too. “They’re so engrossed in their movie, we definitely have time for a quickie!” And then it turns out they’re really not that interested in that movie and they appear just to get a “show” that we all hope they forget.

How to hack a vagina. Yes, you read that correctly. If the vagina is closed for business and you’re not so keen on going to “the back door,” or if you just want something a little spicier than a hand job, this interesting hack might be a great option for you!

Different is fun but communication is key. Know what you guys are comfortable with when it comes to “sex hacking” and have fun! What is some of your sex hacking tips? Any favorite things that we should try?

Show notes: