Science Mike: Sex and Science

Did you know that what happens to your brain during an orgasm and a rush of heroin is 95% similar?  Did you know that our brain "smells" pheromones without knowing what you're smelling and will make decisions of attraction based on what we are [not] smelling? Did you know you can raise your libido by exercising? 

This week we interview Mike Mchargue, or better known as "Science Mike" and get a scientific perspective for the chemistry going on under the sheets (or you know, on the stairs, or up against a tree. . .)

  • How are our senses involved when it comes to attraction?
  • Why would a woman's "fight or flight" response light up during an orgasm?
  • How many nerve endings are in the clitoris? 
  • Can a man actually make his penis bigger? How?
  • What's the deal with aphrodisiacs?

He takes these questions head on and will blow your mind. Who knew science could be so sexy?