New Years Sexolutions!

2015 is coming to an end! In past years, I’ve had resolutions of being more organized, getting places on time, or calling people back in a reasonable amount of time. This year, I’m turning my focus to the bedroom and I want to challenge you to do the same. It’s time to think about our New Year’s sexolutions!

How? Glad you asked! I have a few ideas!

Be courageous

Having a resolution based around sex? Really? Seems silly or inappropriate. It’s not. Sex is one of the only experiences that you have between just the two of you. It can build trust, it mends hearts, and it grows you guys closer together. Don’t feel silly. Take the first step and bring it up to your spouse and make your “sexolutions” together.

Where to start

Be challenged to make your resolutions around your spouse’s needs and desires. (And hopefully they will do the same.)

  • Does your spouse like lingerie? Resolute to wear more!
  • Does your spouse like sexy massages? Decide to have a “massage night” once a week with some sexy oils.

  • Does your spouse love making out? Make more time for lockin lips!

Be proactive

After making your sexolutions, act on them! Did you decide to try more positions?  Order a deck of position cards and wrap it up for Christmas for your wife or hubby. The attention to detail and action steps will be appreciated.

This week we talk sexolutions and have our hubbies on the show for some good ol’ Q and A’s. Their answers are real, raw, and grounded in truth. Some of the topics we discuss are…

  • How to be free in your sexuality once you get married.
  • Dating before marriage. How long is too long?
  • Period sex and more!

What are your New Year Sexolutions? Share with us in the comments below, we want to hear them!

Show notes: