Masturbation: The Pros and How To's

If you're just joining in on this topic of masturbation, we suggest that you start with Part 1 where we discuss our convictions and the cons of masturbating.

Our goal is not to tell you what you should believe about masturbation. We simply want to discuss both sides and show that it's not a black and white issue. With that being said, some of our listeners have some interesting thoughts and stories:

It may be one thing for someone to say it’s wrong and unnecessary or sinful in their own personal situation.  But what about the soldier overseas, or spouses of paraplegics?  It would seem to me that “Genital Pleasuring” [masturbation] might be all they can do to stay connected and faithful to their partner. God is much bigger than one person’s understanding.  Maybe we should spend more time looking for things the Holy Spirit may be convicting in us and less trying to BE the conviction for others. 

I live in two worlds, the first one is when I am home. When I am with my wife I really try not to masturbate so I can save myself for my wife. My other world is the world of business travels. I am often away for 2-4 weeks. The down part is that all the hotels are always filled with prostitutes. Now to protect myself from any urges, I do masturbate! When my urges get to high, I just text my wife and she sends me pictures! In the beginning, I had some problems with Jesus and this kind of masturbating, but here is my thought on this. Jesus made sure I met my wife and Jesus made sure I married her! Jesus is protecting me to make sure I get her pictures when I am away for weeks. I also notice that as long as she is in my mind when I do this, I do not have any shame or guilt.

I can personally attest that for me, masturbation helped to keep my sex drive under control, prevented me from doing a lot of things I have opportunity to do that could have been actual sins.  It was also very comforting and soothing in a stressful and abusive upbringing that I had.  It makes me cringe when I hear pastors spew false dichotomies to people and heap shame and guilt on people’s heads for no reason.  Like anything, masturbation certainly can be abused and used in ways that are not appropriate.  But just like anything else, we shouldn’t ban the thing itself or create a prohibition against it just because it has potential to be abused and misused.  Are we going to ban forks, cars, TV, bacon, etc?  I don’t think so.  Likewise I don’t think we should (as Christians) perpetuate a harmful view of masturbation that is not based modern understanding of biology, conflated with sin, and meant only to control people’s behavior out of fear.  

Listen in to our newest episode as we talk about some of the pros of masturbation, as well as some tips on how to incorporate it with and without your spouse.

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