Masturbation: Part 1

People do it but they definitely don't want to talk about it. At any given moment there are nearly 800,000 americans taking part in the act; that's more people than the entire state of Alaska. That's more people than it would take to fill up ten pro stadiums! What act are we talking about?


Masturbation is a tricky issue with many sides. Some people find it hard to take a solid stance, as it may be a tool to help enrich a marriage, or a weapon to help in it's demise. This week, we do our best to talk about multiple sides and perspectives to this, oh-so-awkward topic. Here are a few things we talk about in this first episode:

  • Fun Facts - Did you know that the first vibrator was steam powered?
  • Stats - As many people to fill ten stadiums, y'all. All at the same time!
  • Churches stance - What Christians believe and some listeners' thoughts