Infidelity, Pain and Reconciliation: Is it Possible?

 Can you heal and come back from infidelity? These are a couple stories from diffferent marriages that have walked through adultery. You're not alone. | | Free Sex Podcast 

The confusion, anger and pain was written in his eyes, on his face and down his whole body. 

"Why would you do that? I thought you loved me. We were talking about getting married . . ."

I cheated on him. I slept with another guy from my past. I sabotaged it. I did it on purpose so that it would give him a reason to break up with me. I did it because if he really knew how bad I was, how messed up and unworthy I was of his love, than it would be over and we could both move on. I wouldn't have to fake being a decent person anymore.

What I didn't realize until that morning was, he really did love me. I couldn't believe it, and as soon as I saw that clearly, I wished I could take it all back.

Cheating is sometimes about sex, but often times, it's something deeper. It's about attention, being known, being looked up to, being desired, or maybe about sabotage because of what you believe about yourself.

How does a Christian couple process and heal from infidelity?

On these episodes, we hear more stories about infidelity. First up is Lauren's story, her husband cheated on her and she walks us through the painful and progressive process of reconciliation. Then on the second episode, Jeff, a father and husband (not to Lauren) shares his story about his affair. You will find lots of parallel points to these two stories, but from two different perspectives. How does a couple move on? Who do they tell? When do they have sex again? All these questions are answered, and more.

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