How To Talk To Your Kids About Sex

When I was 7 or 8 years old, I was caught looking at a pornographic magazine at a corner store. Although I was ashamed and embarrassed to get caught, the part that did more damage was the silent car ride home with my mother's disgusted and humiliated face. There was no conversation when we got home, it was never brought up again, and I carried around this weight of shame well into my young adulthood. The silence did more harm to my mental and spiritual health than the actual porn did.

On today's episode, we have Justin and Lindsey Holcomb on the show to discuss how to talk to your kids about sex, their bodies and more. They have written a few books for sexual assault victims, but their most recent book, God Made All Of Me, is written for children to teach them about body safety.

Listen in as we find out how to talk to our kids about private parts, sex, masturbation and porn.

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Top 3 Questions Parents Should Be Asking To Keep Your Children Safe

  1. Do you do applications and background checks?
  2. What kind of training do you have for sexual prevention?
  3. What are your policies and procedures? Do you have a handbook? What is your bathroom policy?


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