Honeymoon How To

You've said, "I do," in the church and now it's time to say, "Oh yeah!" in the bedroom, right? The idea of going from reserved church mouse before you get married to revved up sex kitten post nuptials is great, but not usually the reality.  Rather than enjoying the ride, excitement turns into anxiety as we begin to focus on the things we don't know rather than the things we can learn together.

This week we talk with our newlywed friends Joel and Rachelle about honeymoon sex. A few of the topics we discuss are:

  • Things to think and talk about before the wedding day
  • Most common concerns about the first time
  • Ways you can help your wife relax (and enjoy the ride)
  • Having realistic expectations 

Sex is fun. It literally and figuratively makes two become one, but like anything else in life, practice makes perfect. Our hope is that it will be fun and will create great memories the two of you will share forever. Do you pick up a paintbrush and expect to be Picasso the first time?...exactly ;) We hope you enjoy this episode and more than anything we hope you enjoy becoming "Picassos" together for many years to come!

Items/Products talked about on this podcast: