Holiday Sex: Getting Down Without Getting Caught

I need to have more sex. Especially during the holidays.

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season stresses me out. I'm so busy thinking about the holiday parties, family dynamics, and what I'm getting for my siblings, that I forget to check in and make loving-on-my-husband, a priority. This year, I want this to be different, and here's how I'm going to do it even with all the people around. Besides, sex is suppose to helps with stress, right?!

1. Plan ahead, but keep it spontaneous!
Going out for a joy ride? Don't wear any underwear and bring a Screaming O Vibrating Ring! Going to be spending the night in your old room at your parents? Hide some toys and massage candles under the bed and tell your spouse to meet you up there in 5 minutes. Whatever you do, keep it fun, but add a little bit of surprise to add to the excitement!

2. Sneak and try not to get caught!
This is the exciting part! It’s a little “holiday secret” between the two of you. Sneak off during dessert at Christmas dinner to “wrap presents” or “run to the store” for a little quickie. It’s worth the time it takes for these little quickies and you’ll feel more connected.

3. Talk the talk. . .
Take time to get away from the people and steal a few (or more) minutes for yourselves. Here are some ways:

  • Talk to each other throughout the days and week. 
  • You look really beautiful today.
  • Baby, let’s try to sneak upstairs after dinner.
  • You look really hot. I want you in that dress.
  • Meet me in the bathroom in 5 minutes.
  • Let's go for a car ride, just you and me.

We discuss ways to have sex with a house full of people, without getting caught!  Where do you guys go for some privacy when the whole family is at your house, at a party, or when you're out?

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