Three Games I Shouldn’t Play With My Husband

“Why you mad?” Daddy Magic asked.

“I’m not,” I responded and the night progressed as usual.

When we went to bed, I pretended to be asleep as he rubbed my back clearly desiring to have sex. He turned over and fell asleep as I laid there stewing in my anger. Sadly, this is only one of the games I play with my husband. And if he loses, I often withhold the one thing only I can give him -- sex. Here’s a short list of some other games I play with my husband.

Game #1: Guess Why I’m Mad

There are so many moments when immediate clear communication could clear up the situation almost immediately. Many times when I think I can “let it go,” I realize the anger or disappointment I have is only turning into bitterness the longer I hold it in. I stew inside, wishing my husband would know what I’m upset about before I have to spell it out for him, but this is not the case. I usually have to tell him with my words why I’m upset, simply because my husband is not a mind reader. Expecting him to be a mind reader is not only unfair to him, but setting you up to be the only one in control of the discord.

Game #2: Hard To Get [My Pants Off]

Women often do not pursue their husbands in the bedroom if they feel like he isn’t pursuing them outside of it. There is an “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” mentality when we  only offer him what he needs if we feel like we’re getting what we need. The problem with this approach is that if we aren’t actually open and honest about what it is that we need the chances are he won’t fulfill it (and how would he be able to because as it is noted before he can’t read our mind.)

Game #3: Make Me Feel Worthy, First

This has more to do with your identity than your husband. Your identity is what you believe about yourself and where you believe your worth comes from. Is your identity a perfect wife or perfect mom? Are you defined by your past sins or your pants size? Or perhaps your work and what others think about you defines you? Although women often times struggle with body image and identity, your husband’s job is not to bring you worthiness. Your worthiness comes from Jesus and him alone, and expecting your husband to always convince you of your worthiness is going to be hard and exhausting for him. . . because he’s not God.

Do you play any of these games? What kind of games do you find yourself playing with your spouse? Comment below and share this post with your friends.

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