Dissatisfied? 3 ways to talk to your spouse about it

Do you find yourself dissatisfied with your sex life? Do you feel like you and your spouse have enough sex? Do you know how to turn each other on without turning each other off?  If the answer to these questions is "no" then it's time to talk to each other. These conversations can be awkward, but in the end -- very worth it!

Communication is key and most people have problems with it. There are a lot of issues that revolve around sex that are awkward and painful to discuss but in order to enrich your time in the bedroom it is important that you do. Here are 3 things to ask to get the conversation going.

1. Are you satisfied with our sex life?

In one of our recent surveys, when the woman was asked "Are you satisfied with your sex life?" 40% answered "No." We understand that the majority of men have higher sex drives than their wives, but this survey showed us that there are women who want "more." This may be more sex, more orgasms, more connection, and/or more intimacy. This question is one way to open the conversation between you and your spouse. The answer should be less about the frequency of sex, but more of the quality of sex and the marriage.

2. How can I serve you (in the bedroom?)

By asking "How can I serve you?" you are not putting any expectations on your spouse, but giving him/her the opportunity to answer freely. Remember that serving someone is a way to love them without the expectation of receiving something in return. This is a selfless exercise. If your spouse doesn't know or doesn't want to answer that question, you can feel free to give them some ideas: Oral sex? Massage? Manual stimulation with lubrication? Use this toy on you? Draw a bath so we can sit together and talk? 

3. What turns you on?

This simple question can open a myriad of doors for you. You may be surprised at your spouses answer when they are given a safe place to be honest and vulnerable. Just make sure that whatever the answer is, if it displeases you, don't shame them or mock them. Hopefully, you'll get some sexy ideas to use immediately or in the near future.

We decided to bring our husbands on our newest episode to ask them the questions that people don't want to ask. Listen in as we get real, honest, and sometimes painful answers.