Can I talk to the opposite sex, about sex?

Did you know that Christian people aren't suppose to talk to the opposite sex, especially about sex?

Did you know that you're not suppose to be in the same room by yourself with person of the opposite sex, and if you are, the door needs to be open?

Also, did you know that if you make eye contact with a person of the opposite sex, you should probably watch out because sin is crouching at the door?

Some of these sound wise, while others may sound ridiculous, but these were the things we were taught in church.

We do something on this episode that we've never done before -- we talk about sex, with Christian males, that are not our husbands, about sex, masturbation and more. It was weird, but liquid courage got us started. Thankfully, these guys don't shy away from awkward topics and are respectful dudes.

John Allaire and Tom Walter, from the Life Uncut podcast, talk about world events and life issues from a Christian viewpoint. They don't personally spend a ton of time talking about sex on their podcast, but we got into some interesting topics on this collaborative episode:

  • Why is the Free Sex Podcast community growing so quickly?
  • Should single guys be listening to our podcast?
  • Which episode of Free Sex did John have to turn off to stay pure in his mind?
  • Should teenagers masturbate when trying to stay pure until marriage?
  • Is oral sex gross?

The conversation is fun and our views on these topics are being shaped as we talk about them. You can find the full two-hour, un-edited conversation, over on the Life Uncut feed, and visit Find them on Facebook and Twitter @lifeuncutshow