Anal Play For Him

Anal play (for him or her) is generally seen as taboo in the Christian culture. People argue that it is unnatural, dirty, or [gasp!] an abomination! These specific arguments, however, come from people and not the Bible, so this week, we look deeper (no pun intended this time) into anal play and prostate pleasure for him.

The prostate is referred to as the male "P-spot” due to its similarities to the female G-spot because of it’s ability to give pleasure. Prostate stimulation can also intensify and elongate orgasms, but diving in there to find the right spot can seem like a daunting task for even the most adventurous of wives.

Here are a few things we cover on this week’s episode:

  • How to ease prostate play into your bedroom
  • How to FIND it and what to do when you do
  • How to bring it up with your spouse

Many Christian couples report that prostate play has actually brought them closer in their relationship due to its ability to put each other in the other’s shoes (as the husband switches from giver to receiver and vice versa.)  We understand that it won’t be for everybody, so above anything, follow your own convictions. If you have the desire to try anal play, we would encourage you to communicate with your spouse about it!

Here are some questions you can think and talk through by yourself and with your spouse:

  • Is this beneficial? Is it good for me? For my husband? Is it good for our marriage?
  • Does it master me? Can it be habit-forming or addictive?
  • Is it constructive? Does it help me grow and mature? Does it build our marriage?
  • Is it loving? Does this action show love towards my spouse or is it selfish?

Show notes:

For more information and tips regarding anal sex for her, you can find that on our previous episode.