Three Myths Christians Believe About Dirty Talk

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Are Christians allowed to use dirty talk?

YES! Dirty talk can be a wonderful addition to the bedroom if both spouses feel comfortable, excited and aroused by it. There are some misunderstandings regarding what dirty talk entails and we want to shed some light to this topic.

Myth #1 Dirty talk is demeaning and considered coarse language

Yes, for some, this may be true. But for the most part, dirty talk does not have to include coarse words, cuss words, or name calling. Dirty talk can simply be telling your spouse what you would like them to do or what you are observing, such as, "I want you inside me right now," or "Wow, your penis is so big and hard right now." The aggressive language may have a play in some couples' bedrooms, but the sweeter, less aggressive side of dirty talk can be equally as arousing.

Myth #2 The best place to learn dirty talk is porn or erotica

Talking dirty is more about speaking what is on your mind, than to repeat what you saw or heard else where. The best place to learn how to communicate during sex is by being a student of your spouse, learning what they like, picking up on their subtle (or not so subtle) queues. You can use some of these DT starters to get your mind rolling on some possible scenarios and phrases:

  • If we were alone right now, I would ________.
  • I want you so bad right now, let's go somewhere private.
  • I'm not wearing any panties under my skirt.
  • I want to taste you.
  • Shut up and take your underwear off.

Myth #3 Only dirty people enjoy dirty talk

There's a common belief that if a Christian woman enjoys sex and wants something more than vanilla, missionary sex, there must be something "wrong" with her. This is simply not true. A passion and desire for our spouse is a blessing, which ebbs and flows with the seasons of life (age, child bearing, menopause, life change, mood.) Dirty talk can be positively used between two Christian adults who love and trust each other — to build sexual tension, arousal and anticipation. 

What are your favorite ways to talk dirty with your spouse? Do you find it to be helpful in your bedroom? Why or why not? Leave a comment below!

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