4 ways to spice up your panty drawer

Although I am a big advocate for bringing excitement to the bedroom, I’m an even bigger advocate for women to know and believe that they are beautiful. Lingerie is one small and simple way that we can remind ourselves how beautiful and desired we really are by our husbands. Knowing that we have something sexy and cute underneath our everyday clothes can give us an extra skip to our step during the day.  Here are three simple ways for you to spice up your panty drawer.

1. Sexy bra

Having one or two sexy bras is a must! Go with black, red, or color (avoiding plain nude colors) when picking a sexy bra. The most important thing is that your bra fits well. Most women are wearing the wrong size bra, so it is worth your time to get measured at the department store or lingerie boutique. Lace trims, cross backs or even a strapless bra with simple lines will all be beautiful and make you feel sexy. Find something that is comfortable and fits well on your body — constantly adjusting will be annoying for you and distract you from sexy time.

2. Get some cute and sexy panties

You don’t have to spend a fortune to stock up on some new underwear. If comfort is your number one priority, cotton is the best for comfort and breathability. Everyone has the cuts they like to wear. Get a few different ones to try, find the one that fits best and stock up on those!

3. Get a robe or kimono

And I’m not talking about a cozy fuzzy robe that falls to the ground, although you should have one of those, too! A sexy robe or kimono not only covers you up when you need to run downstairs, but it's a gorgeous way to cover up without taking away from the mood. Wear it over the sexy bra and panty, or maybe with nothing underneath. Get it, girl! 

4. A scent

There are wonderful perfumes and scents you can use, you just have to find some that you both find yummy. They are not necessarily aphrodisiacs, but can be a special thing to put on when you’re about to have a special and intimate night or day. Smelling certain scents will trigger your mind to go back to those times that you were wearing the scent! My favorite non-invasive scents include Love Spell from Victoria's Secret (yup, I grew up in the 90’s,) and the roller balls from Good Clean Love which are made from only natural ingredients.

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