3 ways to spice up your vanilla sex life

It doesn't take much to have a basic sex life. Man inserts penis. Sometimes she orgasms, most times she doesn't. The end. It's better than nothing, but there may be some few key ingredients being missed with a vanilla sex life (i.e. wife experiencing climax, passionate foreplay, desires not being met.) Here are three ways that you can spice up your vanilla sex life today.

Talk about sex

Simply talking or hearing about sex can rev up desire in most people. Some things you can talk about with your spouse includes: what new things can you try on each other? Does your wife orgasm? What are some different things to try to bring each other to orgasm? How often do you want to have sex? When do you find yourself to be the most turned on? Conversation is the most difficult and the best thing to happen to your sex life!

Extend foreplay

Whether it is making out for longer, or using your hands to feel each other up, extending foreplay will always get the passion fire going. It seems as though the art of foreplay has been lost for many married couples. I attribute this to the fact that now you have the green light to have sex, making out, kissing and cuddling tend to go out the window. Try kissing like you use to in the car. Try seducing each other and slowing things down a bit. Just because you can go right for penis in vagina intercourse, doesn't necessarily mean you should. Women tend to take longer to get aroused and ready, anyways. Foreplay will help heat things up, don't skip it!

Try new variations on your positions

If you are a missionary type of couple, there's nothing wrong with that! The missionary position (woman on bottom, man on top) gets a bad wrap for being "boring," but, trust us, this can be far from true. Here are a couple of variations to try with this particular position.

  1. Prop a pillow or two under her bottom. With the angle of her hips, there is a better chance of g-spot stimulation and gives deeper penetration.

  2. Ladies, allow your knees to fall to the same side, and your husband can enter you as he would on top, but your vagina is at a different angle. You may feel a completely different sensation in this position since the penis is hitting different spots.

  3. CAT position (coital alignment technique) AKA "The Best Thing Ever." This position is something every couple should try and we get into the details in this week's episode. You're not going to want to miss this!

Listen to this week's episode as we talk about basic positions and variations you can try!

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