For husbands: 3 ways to get your sex life back after kids

95% of women have no sex drive 6 weeks into motherhood. Her focus is on taking care of a new baby rather than gettin' down. Here are 3 ways husbands can help get their wives' sexy back.  

1. Chore-play is the new foreplay

It's as easy as it sounds. Pick up a broom, put on some rubber gloves and get down and dirty -- not in the bedroom, though. If you want to make your wife feel as loved as she is, help her around the house, so dishes, laundry and cleaning isn't at the top of her priority and taking up her mind space. Serve her in this way if you know that it will bless her. 

2. Let her sleep

No sleep = crazy. Literally, it's neurological. Take a feeding shift during the night so that your lady can get at least four consecutive hours of sleep. Even if the baby doesn't take a bottle yet, try and try again. 

3. "You are beautiful, radiant and lovely."

You may know this already, but she needs to hear it. Her beautiful body has changed and she may be self conscious of the extra curves pregnancy and motherhood has brought. She is beautiful and telling her often is a way to bless her and make her feel more confident and sexy.

For more ideas to help get your sexy back after kids, listen to this episode.