3 ways to get over it and put it in your mouth already

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Do you have a hard time giving your spouse oral sex because of the taste? Or maybe it’s just the thought of having a penis or vagina in your mouth and what that entails (ie: body fluids, body odors, genitals just chillin’ in your mouth instead of tucked away in pants.) Whatever the problem is we want to help you out. We do have lube suggestions but more importantly here are some ideas on how to get over what’s bothering you about giving your spouse oral.

1. Not to sound harsh, but uh. . . get over it.

We get it. They’re genitals. Not everyone is begging to have them in their mouths but oral sex is a beautiful way to show your spouse how much you love them. Wait, did she say beautiful? Yes, I did and I’ll explain. There are not many more vulnerable positions to be in than when you’re receiving oral sex. If you give your spouse oral sex and (here’s the kicker) have a fantastic attitude about it, they will probably feel loved and taken care of. If you dive in head first using your words, sounds, and body language to show them how much you also are loving this experience, their confidence will surely be boosted. If you stare at it, nervously laughing or slowly going toward it with a disgusted look on your face, how can that NOT effect your spouse?

The majority of people have or have had insecurities about their “junk.” If their spouse has any sort of negative reaction to it, it can solidify to them that their fears are right.  You get a gold star for at least trying, your intentions are good but you gotta push thru and make them feel like their crotch is a gourmet meal from a 5 star restaurant. And hear me, NOBODY’S crotch is a gourmet meal but everyone should feel like it is. I’m not advocating lying here, be honest, communicate, but be gentle and wise with the words you use. It’s okay to not be comfortable with giving oral but be open to trying it with a big smile on your face. (Note: I do realize that because of past traumatic experiences or abuse, oral sex may be off the table. I am not addressing those situations here.) Okay, I’m going to get off my soapbox.

2. A good and semi-natural option.

We had a listener write in that mentioned his wife enjoys using chocolate sauce on his penis during oral sex but was having difficulty due to it’s stickiness. Tasty, but not slippery enough. Why not warm up a little coconut oil, mix in some Hershey’s and voila! Chocolate flavored lube! (Use only for external use. Do not place a chocolate covered penis inside a vagina.)

3. A synthetic but delicious option!

Allow me to suggest Doc Johnson’s Good Head. They make a gel (just for flavor) and tingling drops (for flavor and a tingly sensation) and a little goes a long way with these products. They come in multipacks so you can choose a different flavor each time! The flavors are synthetic, but taste like candy and can make oral sex a funner experience for the giver.

We talk about more options this week but you’ll have to listen to hear the rest! ;)

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