When Candice is taking a breather from being intense, you can find her zennin' out on the pottery wheel. Her biggest strength is being able to speak truth even when it's hard and finds enjoyment in conflict and confrontation. She is an 8 on the enneagram but is still in denial at this time. 

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Katie has lots of kids and somehow manages to stay positive and fun. She likes to make stuff when she has the time to - like a Pokemon costume from scratch. She is a 9 on the enneagram and can whip up cookies like no body's business.

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The Girls

Candice and Katie have been friends for 10 years. They realized one day that there wasn't anyone talking about sex in the church, except old white men from the pulpit telling the wives to have more sex with their husbands. Through their own stories, struggles and redemption, they've helped many couples start their own conversations regarding sex, orgasms, shame, sexual desire and more. 


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